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Kitchen Envy: Black is back!

Yes, yes, I did hear the guitar riff’s of the well known AC/DC song when I saw this kitchen. What can I say? I think I suffer from part time Synesthesia. All that aside, I think I love the guts behind this kitchen more than the design and colour scheme itself. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t ever paint my kitchen all black..I love colourful appliances and tableware much too much. But I seriously respect this kitchen, the owner had an idea and went with it full on.

There are a few specifics that really stand out, and these I envy. Things such as:

– You can’t miss it. That honking great big light fixture is like ‘industrial on steroids’. Seriously I am curious where it is from! It creates a statement piece in a room that is already saying something you’ve not quite heard before. I think it has a very certain kewl factor as well as a smidge of humour..heh.

-The gorgeous wood floor is one of my dream items in a kitchen. It is so warm, natural and stops this bold room from looking too ‘out there’. The wood floor is homey a little rustic and makes the space less intimidating.

– The conservative pop of colour. That ain’t no subtle reddish-orange honey! But it looks ‘sane’ against the blackness. Everything goes with black remember…? The dark kitchen allows for the introduction of almost any colour, and can really provide you with a legit excuse to go crazy with your single colour choice for kitchen tools.

So what do you think of this kitchen space?

images from world of interiors


5 Responses

  1. WOW..Modern day Addam’s Family/Munsters! LOL. I actually like the black walls and cabinets. May not go with that reddish/orange, a bit too Halloweeny for my tastes, but I would probably do a deep blue or something..maybe lilac/purple. The wood floor is grand, and so is the furniture. Not crazy about the lamp though, but for this particular set up it works well.

    • You know what? I never even THOUGHT of Halloween..you’ve ruined it for me now! lol..but yeah, a lilac would be an interesting feminine colour to add to this..

  2. I think the black is chic and clean. With come bright and bold colours (Australian English spelling of ‘colors’) the strength of the black is softened and kept lively. I’s like a canvas of contrast. Imagine bold red, orange, yellow and green utensils, toaster etc… In the right space it’s great.

    • Hmm.. good idea. I never thought of going with a bright array of counter top appliances and tablewares..that would definitely make this space very interesting!

  3. […] isn’t the first time I’ve featured a black kitchen on cravenmaven. Ironically my flat is a wash of colours and patterns, I suppose its true when they […]

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