Kitchen Envy: Big, bright and airy in Brooklyn

BK Home Co

This weeks Kitchen Envy got a loooot of blog love last week on design*sponge. The kitchen, only part of a wonderfully gorgeous home, is the work of the Brooklyn Home co. a husband and wife team who are artists.

Their kitchen is part of an open plan dining, living space and while it is ‘very white’ (according to my sister), there are elements in this kitchen that make it a thing of envy. Things such as these:

– Check out those humoungous windows in the shot above! They look like commercial windows they are so huge, you know why they look commercial? Because they are from a storefront window manufacturer! I like them for their sheer enormity, ideally I would prefer something a little less shopfront looking, maybe paint it all white instead of the dark lines?

– Opting for open shelving that reaches all the way to the ceiling instead of upper cabinetry is a huge plus in my book of kitchen envy. I’ve mentioned such shelving in the ‘Dinner with the Band‘ envy. However, I have never seen ones of this scale – exacerbated by the incredibly high ceilings in this space. It’s great for displaying your attractive appliances and colourful glassware collections – not to mention its a practical feature that allows you to just grab what you need.

– Did you notice that Sapele island countertop with a slit for kitchen knives? No? Well you should have. I love the size of the island – it’s massive; practical for informal dinners and the slit for knives just makes me all giddy. No need to reach far for chopping sessions. Storage, practical and aesthetic? To top it off it was created by Fitzhugh the home owner. I love it when people ‘create’ for their space, not only is it inspiring but it also meets ones needs to the Nth degree.

Brooklyn Home co

– I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but hey, you can’t fault this girl for consistency! I love the accessibility to the rest of the living space. There are no walls in this space..the kitchen is open to the living room and formal dining room. Being able to cook and still be a part of the ‘rest of the hubub’ in other ‘rooms’ is a great social plus. The styles are harmonized by high shelving in the living room to house books that mimic the high shelving in the kitchen around the stove – great uniformity that makes this space feel like one.

– Notice that ladder on the left of the shot? See where it leads? How’s that for a guest room?! I love it. Like a tree house/loft space within a home. (If you were wondering, yes it does have a curtain to close the cubby off to the rest of the room). I think only family or reallly good friends would be willing to sleep above my kitchen if I had this set up, but isn’t it a kewl extra space for when you are in a pinch and so masterfully a part of the rest of the room?

For more pictures of the rest of this home visit design*sponge.

images by emily gilbert via design*sponge


2 Responses

  1. It is a very white place, but I love how the rest of the colors match. They catch your eye and are uniform as you said. Big windows are great, but I crave privacy and would have to put some kind of covering. The cubby hole is funny, just don’t put a person prone to move around a lot in there. lol. Knowing me, I’d use it for storage instead, lol. The high shelves are beautiful to look at in the kitchen, but I’d be hard-pressed to want to get up there and dust it every so often. Love the knives embedded in the Island table!

  2. LOL Ginge! Can you imagine rolling out of that cubby in the middle of the night?? LOLOL, in all seriousness though – it could lead to a broken bone :/

    I know what you mean about ‘privacy’ but there seems to be a fair enough amount of cover from the trees outside..It could be like living in a tree house and I love that!

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