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Craven Trail Mix

I love trail mix, but I hate buying it. I often find that there is always something in it that I pick out over and over again. So I never really get a full bag of trail mix, just a partial bag after my ‘edits’. One day while shopping at Traders it dawned on me…why don’t I make my OWN trail mix? I know what I like, they sell a great selection of nuts and what not..Thus the Craven Trail Mix was born!

I usually add dried cranberries as my sweet element but this week I decided to dice some dried apricots as they were being promoted heavily in the dried fruits section (only $2.99 for a big bag!!).

The end result was a mix of dry roasted almonds with no salt, dried Apricots, 50% salt pistachio pieces, low sat cashew pieces and sunflower seeds with no salt. It’s very yummy. Do you have your own trail mix recipe? Post it in the comments to let us know!

image by cravenmaven using shakeitphoto for iphone


3 Responses

  1. So funny how you’re picking stuff out! I’m not too big on the dried apricots myself, but if I was making a trail mix it would be cashews, almonds, pisatchios, raisins, cranberries.

    I may mix and match it by adding those yogurt covered nuts, I forget which ones they are, lol.

    • Yeah I wish you could buy custom trail mix. I hate raisins and would definitely be picking those out too!

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