Lazy is as Lazy does

If there is one thing I hate it’s laziness. Procrastination I can tolerate, because, well, a person can be busy engaging in other things while they procrastinate on the one thing they should be doing. But laziness? Truly lazy people can’t even be bothered to procrastinate and that seriously gets my goat up.

Imagine my amusement then when a friend sent me a link to this:

Food Lift

A food lift! Courtesy of the weak shop. At first I laughed, then I groaned…because I am sure there is some miscreant out there who might actually try and order this thing, (*news alert Sherlock, it’s a joke!*). But the very idea and design of it is just brilliant. I love when people spend their time coming up with stuff like this! Per the description on the site:

Getting food to your mouth can be hard work. But not with the Food Lift! Simply place your favourite food in the convenient food hopper, turn it on and let the Food Lift do the rest. Now you can enjoy all the foods you love without the chore of using a knife and fork. The Food Lift works with burgers, pizza, lasagna, corn, chicken wings, fish sticks, salad and so much more. Plus the Food Lift is also simple to clean. You can take it apart in seconds, rinse it out with warm soapy water and reassemble it in seconds. It’s that easy! Order your Food Lift online and we’ll include the Super Bib absolutely free. What a deal!

At only $99 it’s worth every penny! pfft. Check out the weak shop site here for more pictures and other equally laziness inducing life tools.

images by the weak shop


3 Responses

  1. Okay, I know procrastination…but one thing you’ll never see me being lazy with is getting food into my mouth!! LOL. I love it! So funny!

  2. Oh, forgot to add, this gizmo really gives meaning to the proverb,

    Proverbs 26:15 The lazy one has hidden his hand in the banquet bowl; he has become too weary to bring it back to his mouth.


    • Oh I love it! I knew thi struck a chord with me for a reason! That scripture!!

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