Kitchen Envy: Good ole farm livin’

Farm Kitchen

So I have this fantasy that I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, in no specific country. And on this farm we grow our own food and raise our own animals, (but I don’t kill or eat them), there’s a hubby and some kids knocking around somewhere in this fantasy – the kind of family thats not afraid to get their hands dirty in the soil pulling up potatoes or parsnips or whatever and the sort of kids that ruddy cheeked, open the door and run out to the nearby woods for Blyton-esque adventures coming home when the sun begins to go down or when hunger takes over.

Of course being the geek that I am, there is also a honking big satellite dish on the farm so that I can still get super fast net access and what not..I mean, I HAVE to stream HULU somehow, and read for blow by blow reveals when there is a keynote address don’t I?? lol.

Why all this nostalgic fantastical chatter? Because with the farmyard dreams comes the farm kitchen, and thus this weeks Kitchen Envy! This gem is from Apartment Therapy via the thinking tank and I love it. Love it as much as all those fabulous modern minimalist kitchens I often drool over. Why do I love this kitchen so? Well, let me tell you why:

– First of all look at ALL the cutout details! From the church window shaped cutouts on the doors to the scalloped edges of the open shelving to the moulding around the wine rack – a HUGE WINE RACK! I think it looks so …pretty, and precious and like the sort of place that makes you feel so peaceful while cooking.

– The wall mounted tap and huge apron fronted sink. A tap that high is so practical for washing big ginormous pots in addition to looking like a very nice detail/decorative element on the wall.

– The painted back splash. Don’t get me wrong, I love a tiled back splash as much as the next girl, but there is something about being able to inexpensively change the colour of the kitchen at a whim that makes me…giddy. The green in this picture is lovely and goes well with the floor tiles but if I woke up one day and wanted a grey kitchen, dabnabit I could have a grey kitchen!

– I spy with my little eye…a very big stove! And if I am not mistaken it looks like gas! Ah..which cooking-enthusiast DOESN’T want a big stove with lots of burners for when you have four or five things on the go at once? I rest my case.

All in all, I feel so at HOME looking at this kitchen. I know to some it might look a bit simple, but the details make it feel so homey and welcoming that I can imagine having a space like this forever and loving it more and more as the years pass.

images from the thinking tank


2 Responses

  1. Love it! But my dream kitchen would look more like a vintage farm house – bit wood table, pistacio green tiny refrigerator, perhaps some quilts. cast iron skillets hanging. jars and jars filled with grains visible. And a couch.

    • Pistachio green fridge?! I love it. Oh yes there has to be the big dusty couch covered with blankets.. Ah but to dream!

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