Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday!!

And hello to another grotty start to the week. But I am not forlorn as the sun is shining, brunch was yummy green eggs and ham, dinner is simmering in the background and my muscles have that warm ache from a good workout. So I gladly(ish) take the bad with this good.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how food is served. I remember when I was a kid, (in a big family) that whenever one of us ate in front of the tv we always did so using a tray. Nowadays I just chomp down on whatever, with a plate on hand and crumbs falling everywhere..missing said plate. Hmm…mother does know best when it comes to the use of trays eh? So, today’s Etsy Tuesday is an ode to the good ole, good ole, tray. The catchall for what your mouth just. can’t. handle!

vintage orange serving tray

vintage orange serving tray

A gorgeous Vibrant pumpkin orange serving tray with handpainted harvest by Enesco. I love this and am adding it to my wishlist. It’s so bright and cheerful, it would serve well as a dinner tray or just a decorative tray in an office space or bedroom. Check it out at the Modish Vintage etsy store for $19.

Souvenir Tin-Expo '67 Montreal, Canada

Souvenir Tin-Expo ’67 Montreal, Canada

This is a souvenir tin from the Expo 67 in Montreal, Canada. An ode to the winter olympics of 2010. Ok, maybe that was in Vancouver, but you get my drift. It’s retro, its Canada, and who can’t help but love our laid back cousins of the North?
Honey Brown Vintage is selling this gem. Snap it up for a mere $7.25.



Per the seller: Adorable vintage serving tray for sale. A delightful bouquet of poppies adorns the buttery yellow base color of this platter. Made from sturdy metal. Would make a great snack & beverage serving tray.
I love this platter/tray. It makes me think of summer, sunshine and happiness. It has a few nicks and dents in it but that just makes it look nicely vintage and like its had a life filled with colourful stories. Priced at $14.75 at Sugar Lily‘s store.

Vintage Gilt and Green Florentine Tray

Vintage Gilt and Green Florentine Tray

This is a little more ornate than what I am accustomed to. It looks like it belongs to someone who has a nice packed ‘library’ in their home full of books from generations past. Nothing but books upon books and a creaky leather chair in which to enjoy reading said books. This tray would be somewhere in the room, likely on display, not being used. Heaven’s no! Personally, I think this would be a nice tray for jewelry..not eating. But nonetheless…I present it to you for your own conclusions. Online Chic $19.95.

Vintage Retro Butterfly Tray

Vintage Retro Butterfly Tray

A mixture of yellow, orange, blues and green. This tray is so sweet. Covered with dancing butterflies its the perfect pop of colour for a flea market inspired kitchen.

Priced at $12 it is currently avail at Rock that Frock.

images courtesy of the respective etsy stores mentioned


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  1. I genuinely enjoyed reading through this post.Thanks.

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