Today I will be working from the Monday office..

The Monday Office

Ladies and gents grab your shades for it is going to be 58 degrees in NY today and there isn’t a snowflake in sight!

In the summer/sunshine my eating habits change immensely – I become much more of a ‘vignette’ picky eater. For example this morn I had an espresso, Kashi cereal and my desk was surrounded with little bowls containing, strawberries, green and red grapes, brie, crackers…for lunch I think I am going to have an assortment of nuts, more cheeses, banana, pears, and a ‘meal’ of my ginger tofu and brown rice.

Compare this to just a couple weeks ago when we had a foot of snow on the ground and I was eating a heart healthy green pea and fake-pancetta soup with crusty bread and nothing else.

Hello summer, and hello varied light meals! I think I am going to invest in a tiffin box so that I can go to the Monday office* and enjoy my vignetted meals in the warm summer sun!

*the Monday office, pictured above is the name my co-worker and I gave to the DUMBO waterfront, where we work from when the weather is especially nice. Isn’t it gorge??

image by cravenmaven using an less


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  1. Okay, I am so ‘jealous’ right now I can scream! I LOVE the waterfront! I was always on the Brooklyn Bridge side by Washington Street, where they built the park and the bench area sits between the two bridges, Manhattan and Brooklyn. We used to eat lunch out there all the time in the warm weather.

    That’s so nice you can go out there to work. And I agree about the light meals, in the summer, everything must be shed, winter clothes, scarves, boots, sweaters, dry skin (hehehe, blah) and POUNDS. 😛 I look forward to seeing if you post any ‘salad’ recipes. I love hearty salads.

    • oooh you know i LOVE my hearty salads! Will post one for you soon…saw a lovely salad on a blog earlier today…will post it if i find the link again.


  2. I’d take a Monday Office any day of the week!! With a view like that it would be my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday office!

    • Hehe. I love it. I think it might have to be more than just the Monday office if this weather keeps it up!

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  3. […] pill…the sun is shining and will be for the next few days. I am making plans to work from the Monday Office on Monday and I shopped at Traders and made a mental note and practical steps to get physically […]

  4. […] said it would be 95 but feel like 100 degrees today! I had been contemplating working from the Monday office – but that wouldn’t be prudent. I am already missing the cool breezes by the lakeside in NH […]

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