Yum Review: A taste of India, UK

Bombay Restaurant

It is a well known fact that the National cusine of the UK is…Indian food. The Indian food in the UK is top notch, and I haven’t had a Biryani since last I was there…because I don’t trust anywhere else to make something on par. I have however, found an Indian restaurant that has been my ‘go-to’ spot when in the city. Salaam Bombay, located at 319 Greenwich, hosts a buffet lunch from 1130am til 3pm each day filled with the most freshest delicious Indian treats.

As a vegetarian I have absolutely no problems finding something to eat in this buffet, in fact I am spoiled for choice. Palak Paneer, Vaghareli Dal, Aloo Gobi, Bhindi Do Piaza and more. It’s a veritable feast. One thing that tipped me off to this place being so yummy are the patrons. Pretty much every other person who walked through the door was Indian – always a good sign.

The decor is subtley Indian and awash with bright white linens on the tables. There is even a windowed area so that you can watch the chef at work. Definitely a great place for relaxed good eats with friends..but wear something comfy because there is so much great stuff you WILL have to undo the top button on your trousers!

images by cravenmaven taken with the shakeitphoto app


2 Responses

  1. Now you’ve got me reeeeally craving Indian food, damn it! Might have to be curry night tomorrow! x

  2. Oooh make me jealous much! Throw in a veggie samosa or biriyani in memory of me won’t you??


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