And the Oscar goes to..

It’s Oscar weekend ladies and gents. Which means the usual blah-di-blah about who wore what and who won what and how the other nominees stared daggers…In the grand scheme of things, its not the be all and end all of life, but on a wintry Sunday it’s a great excuse to sit around with friends. This Oscar season I am going to hold back on making any treats as I’ve been a treat making machine for a couple months, every weekend in a I am just ‘bringing the wine’ but if I were going to cook I’d like to think I would make some of these recipes from the great Vegan YumYum blog:

ChickPea Radis Hors d'ouevres
Chickpea Radish Hors d’Oeuvres

I am a big fan of legumes, chickpeas being one of my favourites. These lovely creamy chick pea concoction on a tiny cracker, topped with a slice of watermelon radish is the perfect finger food. Find the recipe here.

Mini Coconut Blood Orange Bundt cake
Mini Coconut Blood Orange Bundt Cakes

Cake? Check, coconut? Check, blood orange…erm what? I did a double take when I saw this recipe but am really eager to try it out. A nice wintry in season blood orange, (or you can use a regular orange if your chicken..), is a unique ingredient to these bundt cakes, recipe here. It would definitely get the guests talking about more than whose wearing what at the Oscars…throw in a dash of creme fraiche and it is the perfect dessert treat with a little espresso.

Have a good weekend guys! Hope whomever you are rooting for wins!

all images from vegan yumyum


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