Your groceries are only as tasty as the shopper you carry them home in..

..ok well maybe that is somewhat of an exaggeration. But you definitely do feel different when you carry your groceries home in a bag other than the store’s own plastic, or paper bag. I have noticed a lot more people at my local Trader Joes carrying and reusing their own shopping bags when it comes to doing the weekly shop. It is a habit that I also got myself into a few years ago and is now a reflex. Even if I don’t plan to go to the supermarket, i’ve started carrying my own shopper for anything I might buy. I am not going to save the world, but if I can contribute to minimising the junk that swashes around this pretty marble we live on then its alright by me!

So here are a few suggestions for bags that you can use and reuse that look pretty nifty!

Tesco Natural Green Bag

Tesco’s Natural Green Bag
At the moment, you can only get these in the UK, but even if you pop over there just for a brief holiday it is more than worth picking up one of these bags from your local Tesco supermarket. I use these bags for my food shopping and people ALWAYS comment on how cool they look and how strong they are. An amazing feat considering it costs only 1 pound sterling! That’s $1.50 for my American cousins. Seriously? The cheapest green bag I know of and it’s tough burlap makes it the strongest green bag I’ve seen. These bags last forever!

Fjällräven Kånken packs at Ace HotelFjällräven Kånken packs at Ace Hotel

Fjällräven Kånken packs at Ace Hotel

These packs come in a wealth of colours and don’t scream ‘I JUST WENT TO THE SUPERMARKET!!’ thus they are perfect for taking to the store and then popping to the local Cafe for coffee with friends. Created as part of a collab with Ace Hotel, the pack comes in 24 colours! So for those of you who really colour coordinate your life..this could be a dream pack. They retail for $69 and are available at Ace Hotel’s in NY and Portland, OR. Go to for locations.

Orla Kiely Trolley Shopper - PearsOrla Kiely Trolley - leaves

Orla Kiely Trolley Shopper
Remember when your Nan used to come back from the Supermarket, scarf wrapped around her head, pulling her tartan trolley behind her? A trolley likely filled with a Battenburg cake, some Tate and Lyle Sugar, a bit of treacle, custard and a few tins of sardines. No? You don’t remember that? Me neither, my Nan certainly was NOT the trolley dragging type! But I did see many old ladies sporting that look – who would’ve known that both the headscarf and trolley would come back into fashion! Thanks to Orla Kiely, you can rock the trolley when you grab your weekly groceries. In true Kiely style these bags are highly pattered and fun..the price tag is a little dear (about $240), but if you are the type that can justify it, it will certainly brighten the detergent aisle in your local supermarket. Get it here.

Henrik Vibskov  shopperHenrik Vibskov Consumerism Shopper

Henrik Vibskov Shopper and Consumerism Bag

I love Mr. Vibskov. He was born in Denmark and graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, it doesn’t hurt that he is cute either! His work features some of the most interesting lines and patterns – an unmistakable signature. These shoppers are colourful and funky and something that would always look interesting. Sadly I can’t find these available in the US – but you can buy them online from and for about $50-$80.

all images from hippyshopper, ace hotel, outblush, retrotogo, farfetch and ssaw


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  1. I admit, I’m a plastic bagger…but I put those bags to good use for weeks afterwards, still, they wind up polluting. 😛 That trolley bag with the retro colors is calling my name, boo to the price! All the bags are pretty cute, I just get so frustrated carrying bags all the time! And sadly, I don’t shop as much as I want to. 😦

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