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Kitchen Envy: Unapologetically Patterened

Lonny Magazine -Ryan Korban's kitchen abode

If you were a fan of Domino Magazine (RIP), then you surely will know that this week Lonny magazine, founded by former Domino employee Michelle Adams and photographer Patrick Cline, just launched issue three of their online decor and style mag. It is in this current issue that I saw a kitchen that is not my style and yet one I was inexplicably drawn to. The kitchen belongs to Ryan Korban a 25 year old interior designer who has buckets of taste, taste which I slowly became to envy, especially in the kitchen and this is why:

– There is something about bold patterns in small spaces that is exciting. For the most part we see a lot of this in ‘powder rooms‘ and spaces that get relatively low traffic. But presenting a strong graphic in the ‘heart of the home’ is confident. Like the title of this post, being unapologetic and not cocky about one’s taste is a sign of someone devoted to what they believe in and I truly RESPECT that even if I don’t agree with their direction. Thus, I envy the impetus behind this design.

-The cabinets are OLD but with the rest of the decor look ‘vintage’ in a good way! Standard issue NY apartment kitchen cabinets are just plain ugly. But with the simple new handles, clean warm white paint amidst the bold decor, this is a great example of how one can take something that is not so great and update it and it’s surroundings to be inexpensive yet aesthetically pleasing.

Lonny Magazine- Ryan Korban's kitchen abode, detail

– Subtle accents stop this kitchen from looking over cluttered. The accents are very distinct yet few – the chinese urn atop the fridge, the ornate bamboo framed mirror and the wicked orange upholstered bench. The last two items bring the only colour into the space, funnily enough, blue and orange, like the accent colours in last weeks Kitchen Envy! In a room that has so much going on on the walls, these carefully curated accents enhance the beauty of the room without making it over the top.

– Finally, that light fixture is FANASTIC! A chandelier in the kitchen?? This oozes a level of class I could only dream to aspire to. It is an accent that elevates this kitchen from what could be a mere functional space to being a luxurious room of the home..*

Ryan Korban, is a kid whose done good. I can’t wait to see what new and exciting designs he creates as he soars through his career as an interior designer.

*look out for an upcoming interesting piece about kitchen lighting…

images by patrick cline for lonny magazine


2 Responses

  1. Not to mention..there’s a RUG!!! GASP! I could just imagine the spills and messes that would occur if this was my kitchen..a throw rug/mat, yeah, I’ve had that…but carpet! I can deal with small spaces, but I hate to feel confined and the patterns are a bit too much for a kitchen in my tastes..but like you said, you can respect their choices. I can see this pattern and all in a living room of course, but how conventional is that?

    • There is a rug?? I can’t see it..I think Ryan is not about convention at all. lol, that is why I think I am drawn to this space in part..it puts my flea market inspired pad to shame, and has bunches of ‘glamour’ lol.

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