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As seen on etsy..

Life. Sometimes, it’s all about the checks and balances. Or cheques and balances depending on your point of view.. (!!). That being said, this weeks etsy roundup takes balancing in a slightly different direction..

marigold yellow kitchen scale by hanson

marigold yellow kitchen scale by hanson
A wall mounted mod scale from Ireland? There are about five words in that question that piques my interest! Talk about an aesthetic and functional space saver- the scale folds up to close shut. Priced at $30 it’s a small price to pay for some kewl mod goodness that will add an element of cool to any self respectable kitchen. Check it out at the A. Finch Dry Goods etsy store.

Vintage Industrial Pitney Bowes Postal Scale

Vintage Industrial Pitney Bowes Postal Scale
Bear with me on this one..yes I DO know it is a postal scale, but let’s think about this for a minute..In the age of repurposing is it not our responsibility nay, duty to find creative uses for items that would otherwise be disposed into the fast growing landfill this earth is becoming?? *ahem* now that my ‘convincing’ argument is over, think of all the great small measures you could weight out on this scale. It goes up to 16oz and is not only useful but adds an element of industrialism to your kitchen that will surely get your guests talking!

Available at Atty’s Vintage for $25.

Vintage mail scale-

Vintage mail scale
While we are on the subject of the mail, check out this huge mail scale! It reminds me of the scales they used to have at the grocery store when I was a kid, good times, good times. While it’s in good physical shape, it does need a bit of calibration as the weight is off a tad. Coy Bettie’s store has this doozy for $30.

Large Vintage Metal Hanging Scale

Large Vintage Metal Hanging Scale
Doesn’t this remind you of the old hooks at the butcher? This wall mounted scale has seen better days but is wonderfully vintage worn. If you add a basket or bag to the metal clip at the bottom it becomes a rather interesting piece. Priced at $19.50 it is currently avail at The Lovely.

Old Scale

Old Scale

This style of scale can be found at many stores nowadays for a pretty penny! This one is of the real deal, authentic, old school, yo momma probably used it variety. And only costs $15 at Waddles store. So what you waiting for?!

images courtesy of the respective etsy stores mentioned


2 Responses

  1. Those are so cute…I love vintage stuff. Somewhere in our basement attached to the wall we have a Vintage U.S postal stamp dispenser! LOL. This makes me wanna go through all the all the stuff we have and truck it on down to the antiques roadshow. LOL. You never know what your old stuff could be worth. 🙂

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