Only a fool could love a Fool..

‘Tis true ladies and gentleman. I am not so shortsighted as to fail to admit that I can be a fool as much as the best of them, heaven knows I have friends that can tell stories..but for the weekend I present to you a fool that just about anyone could love. One of the dessert variety.

A friend recently clued me into the site Three Thousand, an Aussie blog that lists events and going-on’s in and around the city of Melbourne (I highly reccommend you bookmark 3k, as it’s an inspirational read). It was there that I saw Beci Orpin’s recipe for Vanilla peaches hearts raspberry fool. Think it sounds good? Well it looks good too, check it:

Beci's Vanilla Peach Raspberry Fool

Those raspberry red soft peaks of sweet double cream have my name all over them! I am adding this treat to my (ever growing) ‘to make’ list. If you have a crack at it this weekend, be sure to post here and let me know how it came out! The ingredients for the Fool are few and straightforward..(there’s a joke in there somewhere…), you can find the ingredient listing and recipe here. Have a great weekend everyone!

all images by beci orpin – thanks beci!!


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