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Kitchen envy: Keeping it in the closet..

Sköna Hem - kitchen special,

I don’t think it’s hard to tell why this kitchen made my Kitchen Envy list – It’s FOLDABLE!! That’s right, you close those foldable doors and the kitchen is concealed, looking like a charming wall of doors with nice molding graced with a marble cooking island in front of it. It’s no secret that I like putting things in boxes, but this? Ahhh this makes me drool.

The above kitchen is featured in Sköna Hem’s kitchen special, so I am guessing that this kitchen may be in a home in or around Sweden, though am not sure as my Swedish knowledge is, well, non-existent. Without further ado, the precise reasons why I envy this kitchen muchly:

– As we have established I love the fact that the kitchen can be closed up to display a wall of lovely doors. I like this not just for it’s practicality, (hiding dirty dishes and an untidy work surface from dinner guests while you eat), but also because it is a neat solution to a common problem with NY kitchens. I have seen many a tiny kitchen that takes up the space of one wall in what would otherwise be an, also tiny, living room. The ability to close everything off and give the room a modicum of comfy living space instead of having the stove ‘breathing down your neck’ is a nice option to have.

– Sigh that marble counter top gets me every time. I am not always a fan of white on white, but in this case, the marble has just the right amount of veined silvery-ness that it is a nice subtle contrast to the icy white cabinets. A craven maven fave that counter top is!

– I very much like how this homeowner has incorporated the use of colour into this kitchen. Sticking with just two accent colours, bright icy blue and rich orange, they give your eyes something to dance around and add a bit of warmth to the space which could otherwise end up being very sterile. Using orange for the dining room rug is also a very nice way to make the two separate spaces cohesive.

– Two sinks baby! Oh yesh, you didn’t notice that did you? A tap on the island and another with a full sink on the back wall. It might seem redundant, but if you have ever like me, got yourself into a cooking tiswas at the stove you are going to want a tap close at hand! Not least to say, in this setting it’s useful if you have a sink full of dishes closed off and a guest wants/needs to use the taps.

Overall the space is nice and bright – great for displaying art and open to the dining area so has a nice communal feel. The herringbone floors are ‘off the chain’ if I might to a little Brooklyn on you…seriously how hot are they? I would be totally sold on any house that had that in it’s kitchen. With such great decor here, I am so curious what the rest of the house looks like!

images from Sköna Hem, kitchen found via emma’s blogg


6 Responses

  1. Oh yeah.. that is clever kitchening (new word) hehe!

  2. lol – i LOVE it! Hmm…might have to steal that word from you for future posts..btw- shouldn’t you be in bed? 🙂

  3. I can see why you envy this kitchen, it has that perfect look, not to mention the 2 sinks are a big bonus! You can never have enough of those. I normally don’t go for sterile, but I’m glad they put the warm colors in, and orange and blue are such opposites, but go perfect together.

    • I know! I personally would never have though to pair them (although my house is a mix of peach and blue..), as I would’ve though the orange too bold. But it works so well.

  4. […] only colour into the space, funnily enough, blue and orange, like the accent colours in last weeks Kitchen Envy! In a room that has so much going on on the walls, these carefully curated accents enhance the […]

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