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…it’s a sarah day.

Hi. I miss u today. its a sarah day.

I received the above text this weekend and it made me feel a mixture of melancholy and happiness. Happiness because its so warming and humbling to know that ‘lil ole you’ can make someones day. Melancholy because, a side effect of having your favourite friends all over the world is that you can’t just literally pop around to their place and hang out or meet at the local coffee shop and get the rx type relief that comes from just being in their presence.

But it got me wondering. What exactly would a ‘sarah day’ entail? No limits, no reservations..I think it could look something like this:

Sleeping in late

It would probably start by sleeping in late until the sunshine’s persistence gets just too much and forces us up.

Full English
Then i’d make a full english brekkie – caribbean style – with fried plantains and bammie. With the Moka bubbling away on the side with some delish Brazilian coffee.

Last fm tracks last week
We would rock out to my last.fm playlist while cooking and getting ready to go out – after all your meal only tastes as good as the music you listen to while making it..

Brooklyn Bridge Ice Cream

We would meander around the stores in DUMBO, say hi to Anna and Waejong, then walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, chomping on ice creams from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

NY subway
Then we’d hop a subway to the MOMA or MET, maybe both. Catch the Tim Burton exhibit and daydream at the 19th Century European Paintings.

The Pink Pony
We would head back downtown to The Pink Pony Cafe Litteraire & Cine Club, I would snack on the ‘Elvis Sandwich’…good enough for the king, good enough for me. And you would have the Roast Turkey Breast with brie & green apple on a baguette. We’d people watch and brainstorm creative projects as we eat.

Space invader in NY
Then we would kick about the area, searching the street walls for the work of some our favourite artists, like Space Invader, Blek le rat and Judith Supine..taking pictures of the world as we pass it.

JLG Gallery
Next, we’d swing by the JL Gallery to see what’s new. Then sufficiently peckish, start musing over where to eat..

We would settle on Freeman’s a little out of the way – but one of those places you always mean to go but never do.

Ace Hotel Lobby
Then it’s off to the Ace Hotel lobby for drinks with friends before seeing where the night take us..

(this post is dedicated to my favourite Canuck and little sis through something stronger than DNA)

images from open salon,the daily mail, msn,wikimedia commons,urban 75,space inavader, selector and reflector, labelhoard, i can has cook


3 Responses

  1. Haha I love it! i think next time I’m down thats exactly what we should do. Ny through the eyes of my big sister 😉

  2. Lol, absolutely! Love you lots!!


  3. i think you have a nice page here… today was my first time coming here.. i just happened to find it doing a google search. anyway, great post.. i’ll be bookmarking this page for sure.

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