What do you eat during a blizzard..?

No, this isn’t the first line of a pathetic ‘Dad Joke‘, this is for reals. Meteorologists are claiming we are going to get 6 inches of snow from Friday night – Saturday morn, which means one of two things. 1. It won’t snow at all, or 2. It will be so bad I won’t even be able to open my front door. I’m hoping for the latter as I sorta fancy a chance to re watch the Lost Season 6 premiere and scream/laugh/convulse at the appropriate moments all over again.

As for the eats? I was very very pleased to be led in the direction of foodie blog trotski & ash. An offering from two Aussies, designer and stylist Sarah Trotter who cooks up the treats, and writer Romy Ash who writes the most perfect prose surrounding said treats. I highly, HIGHLY reccomend you read through every single recipe on Sarah and Romy’s blog, it will make you feel so so happy. As for me, I want to try this lovely goodness this weekend:

Baked Eggs
Baked Eggs

Eggs baked (!) in a lovely seasoned tomato sauce..I anticipate them now, with the runny ‘yolky’ middle – something I savoured as a child – still do! Dipping in crunchy toasted wholewheat bread..the bread tips emerging a sunshiny yellow-orange..yum. Check out the recipe here.

Brown Sugar Biscuits
Brown Sugar Biscuits

Maybe, just maybe I will also make some biscuits. Because who doesn’t love the smell of warm biccies in the oven? Or a nice soggy fresh biscuit after dipping it in ones cup of tea? Anyone else got any cooking plans this weekend?

all images by lauren bamford for trotski and ash

2 Responses

  1. the biscuits sound great it all looks scrumptious. Who doesn’t love the runny, yellow sunny side yolk of an egg, mmmm! My mom always made them perfect!! A complete yolk cooked on both sides just enough with all the yellow goodness protected within. I’ve had eggs everywhere and nobody beats hers, but I’m learning to make them good. She does a perfect egg flip! lol. They are fondly known to us since we were born as ‘boo boo’ eggs.

    I was going to make eggplant parm tonight for the family with a side of wheat pasta and homemade pesto sauce. I also make a really ‘meaty’ sauce as in, whole tomatoes, spanish onions, red peppers, parsley, cilantro, garlic, oil and a table spoon of sugar to get rid of the bitterness, lol. The pesto is parsley, garlic, oil walnuts and….oh something else I forgot! I really want to make a cream vodka sauce, but I can’t get the vodka right now, lol.

    I’m starting to enjoy cooking more, but dang it can get expensive!
    I’m serious, in blizzards I can eat ice cream! But it would be nice to have comfort food. 🙂

  2. wow you have to make me some wheat pasta with your pesto – I made mine a bit different this time – basil, spinach, macadamia nuts and pine nuts – its a little milder than usual but good!!

    I love eggs with ‘a runny middle’ thats what i used to call it as a kid. still do. but ‘boo boo’ eggs are such a cute name lol.

    Well my dear if we do get snowed in this weekend..feel free to pop over and we can hang out or some such.

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