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Kitchen Envy : Dinner with the Band

Wide angle view
Sam Mason with Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Have you seen the show Dinner with the Band? It airs on the IFC channel on Tuesdays at 11pm (est). In a way I suppose it is really a ‘fantasy job’ of mine. Brooklynite chef, Sam Mason, hosts and cooks targeted meals with an indie band then they rock out to a live performance while the meal cooks. After, they chill and chow down. This gig ticks near every box on my ‘dream job’ list.

The space where the show is hosted is allegedly in Sam’s own BK loft, ( I suspect in the ‘burg), and it is an IDEAL set up. The only pics I could nab were from the show – none of the empty space; but you get my drift. Check out why I have some serious, hardcore kitchen envy going on:

View of Hob on back and island
Sam with Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Two sets of burners. Gas burners ::melts:: Behind you, you can have the slow stuff cooking, in front of you the stuff that needs immediate attention while you are chopping, (or blending as Sam is above), on that massive island. It makes group cooking much much easier. Not to mention that wicked kewl art thing going on above the stove at back and the phenomenal amount of open shelving. More on that later…

Island big for eating
Sam with YACHT

The plus of a massive island? It doubles as an informal intimate dining table! This island is nice and high, perfect for seating and tall people to work around, informal taste test sessions, or dinner. Plus I love things that can be used for more than one function. I truly believe that things should be used not just sit around and have one purpose or just ‘look pretty’. Except art of course. (Check out that little peek of the industrial sized refrigerator behind that chickie’s shoulder..drool).

Mezzanine over kitchen
Kid Sister and Flosstradamus perform on the mezzanine

See the kitchen downstairs in the background. How Much does that ROCK?! It’s like the kitchen has its own stage set up!! I don’t know if the mezzanine was built especially for the show, but it is such a great idea. Especially if one has musically talented friends who can put on a show while you whip up something tasty. As I’ve said many times, the kitchen should be a part of whatever is going on in the rest of the house and not a place where one is separated. This is such a great expression of my thought that it has me giddy!

Better view of shelving
Sam with Final Fantasy

Remember I mentioned the shelving in this place? This shot gives us a better look at just how high these open shelves go. Can you say ALL THE WAY TO THE PICTURE MOLDING?! Holy moly..and it looks fine..not weird at all. There is so much open shelving that you can load up plates, vases, sacks of rice, you name it and as long as it is displayed somewhat orderly it looks uncluttered and interesting. The thought of having everything within sight to just grab appeals to me greatly as I use a lot of tools, containers and what not when creating something delish.

Aerial view of kitchen
Sam with Les Savy Fav

This shot gives you a great overview of some of the things I mentioned above: The two sets of burners, the fab huge multi-use island, the astonishing amount of shelving and to add to those, the huge wrap around work surface (lots of space? yes please!), and the fact that so many persons can freely mingle within the kitchen.

I envy your kitchen Sam! If ‘Dinner with the Band’ ever needs a lackey to hang out and ‘taste test’ the food, then I will willingly do it!!

all images from ifc


2 Responses

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