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Too many pots in the kitchen?

Can one really have too many pots in the kitchen? Should one only have a 1:1 ratio of pots to burners? Your answer will determine how serious a cook you are! I know personally I have a different frying pan for the way I want my eggs to come out. Golden and crunchy, pillowy and soft – it’s not just how you make it but what you make it in that’s essential. I’m not a chef (obviously), so I cannot tell you the science behind why or how things come out in different pots. I just know that they do and how they do lol.

Recently I was very very kindly gifted a Le creuset dutch oven. I always knew I wanted to have one for myself, but it’s one of those things that I figured could wait till I had a ‘real home’…but boy was I wrong in waiting, this pot is amazing! I have never seen my tofu brown so well and quickly like it does in my dutch oven. My Chilli’s taste richer, my curries fuller…I promise you. So this morn I present a round up of dutch ovens from various price points for your consideration*:

Lodge dutch oven from Target

Target – 4qt Lodge Dutch Oven
A steal at only $39.99. This is cast iron inside and out by the looks of it. It has me sold on those little legs and the reasonable price. Cast iron is quite easy to take care of if you season it well.

Lodge dutch pot - amazon.com

Lodge Color Enameled Cast-Iron 6-Quart Dutch Oven
From Amazon.com this enameled, (inside and out), Lodge pot costs a little more and is a larger than the previous one. I have only seen a few colours for this pot; Carribean Blue, Cafe, Emerald. Currently priced at $58.40 it’s not bad. Find it on Amazon.com

Staub Dutch Oven on SurLaTable

Staub® Grenadine Round La Cocottes
Available at SurLaTable these beautiful pots are ranged from $99-$260. Nicely enameled and like all dutch pots built for even heat dispersion, these pots also have tight-fitting lids with spikes inside to ensure continuous self-basting. Made in France.

NOTE: One Kings Lane an invite only interior design sample sale site has a Staub sale from today at 11am til Friday. If you would like membership to One Kings Lane drop me an email at saerjr at gmail dot com with your name and email and I will send you an invite to join.

Le Creuset on Surlatable

Le Creuset® Kiwi Round French Ovens
Le Creuset come in a wide variety of colours and are probably one of the, if not the most popular brand of dutch ovens. I know people who ‘collect’ Le Creuset pots like some people collect baseball cards. With fervor and disregard for price – just look on ebay! Having owned and used Le Creuset for years I must say I love the way they cook and cannot fault them (lifetime warranty). Unlike stainless steel pots these and all enameled dutch ovens cannot be put on a flame without having anything in them – but that’s not hard to remember. A bit more pricey yes, (from $189-$280 for dutch ovens), but these are the pots you’re great grandchildren will be inheriting. Look for them on Surlatable.

* Sadly I haven’t had the chance to use all of these pots (I wish!), so can only show you whats out there and not provide a true ‘tried and tested’ evaluation of what works best.

images from target, amazon and surlatable


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  1. Those pots /Dutch ovens are awesome, you can never have too many! I really like the cast iron pot and I had never heard of ‘seasoning’ a pot like that before. Very interesting.

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