Do you like pancakes..?

My rather cheesy post this morn was inspired by a rather irritating song on the ole’ tube. Such things are always so catchy. I can’t say that I was raised around a pancake eating household, these lovely flat brekkie items have been more an influence since moving stateside. Chocolate chip, multigrain, blueberry, they come in array of colours, flavours and nutritional values, (or lackthereof). So imagine my surprise and glee when I saw this:

Feb is pancake month

That’s right,pancake month. In New York. It’s like…a beaming light of favour has been shone, and it’s shining on my tummy! See, it’s not just that it’s pancake month, but the variety of flavours the Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant are offering is amazing. Chocolate and blood orange, Coconut, Crunchy bananas..and the list goes on. These yummy treats are available only Mon-Fri for the rest of this month. If you go, let me know what flavour you indulged in. Click here for a full list of the array of flavours.

images from clinton st baking co


One Response

  1. I’m not a pancake lover, but I like them..ooh, I love the Chocolate chip and blueberry, and all the toppings. But I do prefer waffles, you get that hearty crunch and can put the same toppings on them. 😀 OOOH, That menu has me drooling…vanilla bean whipped cream….I feel like Homer Simpson right now…excuse me.

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