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Baking Banana Bread and why every Sunday should be a cooking Sunday..

This Sunday was a mixed bag of good and bad. From a gastro p.o.v it was brill – I baked, I cooked, I ate, I read and I watched a couple of documentaries. The bad being that I did all of this while being ravagaed by a grotty cold. The SECOND in two months! Not to fret. Dayquil is doing its job well so far.
Sunday has always been a cooking day for me. Coming from a big family the only thing I remember about Sunday’s was the sheer volume of cooking going on. Everyone had a duty, someone handled the rice and peas, someone else the roast chicken, the parsnips and roast potatoes, the salad and the freshly made carrot juice (or my dad’s special pineapple punch or lime-wash depending on what was in season). It was no mean feat cooking for 8 persons, but we did it. Down to this day, some twenty odd years later I still cook much to much for one person..but that’s what leftovers are for eh?!

I saw this post on design*sponge on Friday for Skinny La’minx’s banana bread. I was familiar with Skinny La’minx from having been a fan of her fabric designs on Etsy, but had no idea that she also loved to cook! So I gave the recipe a try with a few substitutions – whole wheat flour, brown eggs, brown sugar (half cup instead of one cup..) and oh my..we are munching on the bread right now at work!! See pics of the whole sha-bang below.

Banana Bread Ingredients
Chopped Bananas
Mushed Bananas
Sugar and Butter
Dry Ingredients
Banana mush and dry ingredients
Ready for the oven
The end result

1. The ingredients used. 2. I chopped up the bananas before mushing them. 3. Mushing the bananas with a potato masher. 4. The golden brown sugar and Kerry gold Irish butter yum. 5. All the dry ingredients mixed into the egg, butter and sugar. 6. Adding the banana mush to the dry ingredient mix. 7. Ready for the oven! In a wax paper lined buttered tin. 8. The end result, brekkie with a cup of tea!

For the recipe go to design*sponge.

all pictures by moi on my iphone using shake it photo


9 Responses

  1. This sounds delish!!! Banana bread is my fave and I don’t have it often enough! May have to give this a try tonight!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Trust me Ali it’s super yum. Make it!! It is super quick, mine baked in under an hour to boot.

  3. I love the toasty-warm photos and I can smell the banana bread from the other side of the planet. Looks fab, hope it proved to be an immune-system booster!
    Thanks also for your kind comments and link on my blog. I just added you to my blogroll!

    • ohh trust me, this is serious banana bread. when i unwrap it in the morning the banana odour just wafts through the air!

      Thanks for the add!


  4. I’m so pleased your banana bread turned out well! My Auntie Betty will be thrilled to find out that her recipe is circling the globe with such success!

    • Indeed. Please thank her..I made it again this weekend. Such a nice sweet treat without the preservatives and what not of store bought atrocities. I think I am going to make this banana bread a monthly tradition.


  5. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog.

  6. Would you please translate your blog into German because I’m not so comfortable reading it in English? I’m getting tired of using Google Translate all the time, there is a little WordPress plugin called like global translator which will render all your pages automatically- this would make reading articleson your sweet blog even more pleasant. Cheers dude, Gourmet Info!

  7. […] why the name Skinny laMinx sounds familiar. A few month’s back I posted my efforts at her Aunt Betty’s Banana bread recipe. To this day it’s one of my favourite things to […]

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