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I’m with coco and the comedy of eating..

Im with coco

In the past couple of weeks the whole NBC vs. Conan O’Brien debaucle has featured quite prominently in the media and rightly so. I am without doubt a huge fan of the comedic stylings of a Mr.Conan O’Brien. I’ve watched his show since I moved to this country and it has, with very little failure, entertained me over and over again. I don’t fight with any Leno fans, because quite simply I don’t believe there is ANY basis for argument. Conan is funny. I like funny. Argument over.

But the recent brouhaha has had me reminiscing about some of the great British comedies I grew up with. It goes without saying that British humour is very different from that of our American cousins. It’s a little bit biting, (see Little Britain, Father Ted), a little bit slapstick, (see Some Mothers do ‘ave em, The Carry On films), and a lot a bit straight faced and dark, (see The Two Ronnies, Morecambe and Wise, Rising Damp etc etc). These comedies were all superb because of being grounded in reality – there was something in them you could relate to; coupled with a healthy dose of absurdity meaning the only outcome could be pure unadulterated comedy.

Which brings me to comedy and food, (ahhh you like how I did that didn’t ya?!). The Fast Show was a brilliant comedy sketch show which graced the airwaves for 5 years in the 90’s. Mark Williams played the brief but recurring role of Jesse (see picture below)- “a taciturn country bumpkin who exclaims his strange diets, fashion tastes and experiments, usually in the form of “This week, I ‘ave been mostly…”. I don’t know why I found Jesse so funny, he just WAS. Perhaps it was the thought of this country bumpkin having such a colourful and varied diet that made it funny, perhaps it was the way he looked, either way it was simply brilliant. Check out some clips on The Youtube of Jesse declaring his strange dietery choices, here, here and here.

Jesses Diets

Wondering which dish I made this weekend? All will be revealed shortly….

i’m with coco image by artist mike mitchell. Jesse still from the fast show


3 Responses

  1. LOL. I don’t think these late night guys should be compared, they are all equally funny in their own ways. Hey, since you love food and art, you really need to check out Eclecticasylumart on Youtube, he is like the best artist in the world and draws with any medium. He just designed Conan using CHEETOS!? and a little glue. He’s amazing.

    OMG..Some mothers do have ’em! Do you like that?? Chrissy is the ultimate Michael Crawford fan and she has the dvd releases of a lot of the episodes. They are Hilarious!

  2. This is wonderful blog. I love it.

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