Kitchen Envy: Brand New Secondhand in Seattle

Seattle industrial kitchen reno

This lovely kitchen belongs to Seattle based couple, Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo. A pair of architects, they transformed a 30 year old dump into a home that has style, character and great use of space. I love their kitchen for these specific reasons:

– Concrete walls : This says industrial, rugged and unexpected. It makes the kitchen seem a little ‘functional’ but married with the delicate white cabinetry it is drawn back into the realm of ‘hominess’.

– Artwork : I love artwork in kitchens that are NOT of the fruit n veg variety. It shows that it is another part of the house and deserving of art for arts sake.

– Lack of upper cabinetry: As the slideshow will show, with the exception of a small shelf near the stove, there are no upper cabinets. I like this as it lightens a space, makes it feel grounded, (the one time being bottom heavy is a GOOD thing), and opens up the sightlines around a house.

images via Dwell


2 Responses

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