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Some hot choccie to ease the chill..

It’s freezing here right now. The weather in NY is 19F and with the windchill factor, feels in the single digits. Even though I am indoors and my radiator is bubbling away, I am still wrapped in a blanket and shivering…darn this winter! Worse still, its going to be like this all weekend. How better to ease the winter chill than with a nice mug of hot choccie..

Hot Choccie

Oh, how I wish I had picked up a tin of Maribelle’s Milk and Hazelnut hot chocolate when I was in Soho the other day! I only ordered a small cup and it was so creamy, nutty and delicious. Now that I am confined to the indoor cold I wish I could whip some up. Oh well. In the meantime I saw a recipe for Vegan Chocolat Chaud which incorporates the use of coconut milk!!! I am going to rush out and buy a tin and try this treat later on for myself.

Have a great weekend dear readers – and if you are in NY or some other frozen land, be warm and be well.



Enchanting Edibles: Chriselda’s Chilli Verde Tacos

Yesterday while flitting around the Interweb I happened to occasion upon the blog ‘Insanity here‘ by Chriselda. HELLO?! My attention was immediately arrested by this amazing recipe she had for Chilli Verde Tacos. Now yes, I know what you are thinking, ‘Saer, aren’t you a vegetarian??’ Yes, yes I am. However, I firmly believe in vegetarianising meat based recipes… it’s super easy. Especially with the abundance of great ‘fake meat‘ products out there.

To Veggie-tise Chriselda’s recipe I would recommend substituting the beef fajita meat with Morningstar Farms Chik’n strips or some such. I would also recommend using chopped baby spinach as well as cilantro for a lil bit of Iron. So without further ado – the lovely recipe which I fully intend on trying out soon..

Chriselda’s Chilli Verde Tacos

Chilli Verde Tacos


1.5lbs beef fajita meat

1 tsp. ground cumin

olive oil

1lb fresh tomatillos, husks removed and chopped (about 4 cups)

1 chopped onion

2 tsp. lime juice (i prefer fresh limes)

i chopped yellow or red sweet pepper

4 cloves garlic, minced

12 – 6 inch corn tortillas

2 tblsp. snipped fresh cilantro


in a bowl, mix cumin, 1/2 tsp salt, and 1/4 tsp pepper

(set aside)

in a skillet, add oil and slightly cook the onion and garlic until tender. add tomatillos, sweet pepper, and lime juice. cook until tender.

(in the interest of saving time and clean up – i place cooked peppers in a bowl and use the same skillet to brown the meat)

place meat in skillet and sprinkle the cumin mixture over it and brown until cooked

add the peppers to the meat and cover. reduce to low temperature and heat while you are heating the corn tortillas either on a skillet, burner, or in a small skillet.


fill tortillas with the meat mixture and sprinkle with feta cheese and chopped cilantro

we added sliced avocado and another squeeze of lime

Makes 6 Servings

Per Serving: 333 Cal, 11g total fat, 214mg sodium, 32g carbs, 4g fiber (the nutrition facts are calculated prior to adding cheese or advocados)

all images and recipe by chriselda

Desperately seeking Tiffin..

I have wanted a tiffin box for quite a while now. Truth be told I love putting things in boxes. Seriously. The tupperware aisle at any given store gets me all abuzz. If I could I would have everything in boxes, (**rubs hands together manically**). My searches for the quintessential Tiffin box is due in part because I love to make my own lunch, and who wants to tote around a crusty old brown paper bag?!

At one point I almost caved and bought a bento box from Plastica instead:

Plastica Shop Bento Boxes

But I am not entirely keen on putting my food, hot and whatnot, directly into plastic. So the hunt continued. I toyed with the idea of buying a good ole stainless steel tiffin box from Amazon:

Amazon Tiffin Box set

But I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ it. Then this past week I saw a wonderful House Tour on Apartment Therapy. A home in Bangalore India, belonging to a gent named Karthik. And ‘lo and behold, I saw the Tiffin box of my dreams!

Karthik's Bangalore Tiffin Box

See it? Right there on the second shelf up and second box across. A lovely, vintage looking, cream coloured tiffin box. Can I locate one online? Not for the life of me!! I am going stir crazy…but have a call in to my friends from India to find out where I can pick up one for myself..let’s hope it all works out!

images courtesy of plastica, amazon and apartment therapy

Kitchen Envy: Australian colonial living..

I love Pia Jane Bijkerk’s blog. She has such a great eye for style and mood that every time I read one of her posts I just feel…happy. It is by means of Ms. Bijkerk’s blog that I found my kitchen envy of the week. Behold!

Vaucluse House Kitchen

This wonderful kitchen is in the Vaucluse House in Sydney Australia. Built by William Charles Wentworth between 1805-1860’s it boasts Gothic Revival façades to Sydney Harbour and a mix of styles through and through. The whole house is amazing but i simply love the kitchen and for these specific reasons:

– It looks like the kitchen I imagine Cinderella worked in. That’s right, THE Cinderella from the books and cartoon films of yesteryear. This kitchen screams ‘well to do’ with a true, ‘upstairs/downstairs’ culture. It’s large enough for the maids butler and cook to associate and work. Using this kitchen is the thing fantasy’s are made of. Well maybe not fantasy’s but certain the stuff that will bring to mind burying ones nose in a good ole book when one was younger.

Vaucluse Kitchen

– The size in this kitchen makes it a multi-functional space. There is room for huge baking projects with a bunch of friends, room for a table by the window to house a laptop to download recipes..or blog about them, space to set up a little area to style and shoot the ingredients for a dish, chop the ingredients, put things removed from the oven, all without tripping over oneself or anything else!

Vacluse House

– The light is just wonderful. Maybe it’s the time of day, but the room isn’t flooded with light, it is gently bathed in it. This immediately sets the tone for how you will work in this space. Reflective, inspired and with love.

– The larder is the size of my current apartment. The thought of what great materials one could comfortable store there makes me giddy.

– The rustic charm of the kitchen gives it a homely though stately feel. And shouldn’t every kitchen just feel like home?!

images by pia jane bijkerk

When did Aprons become fashion..?

Polka dot Apron

I was strolling through anthropologie the other day when I saw a very kewl polka dot dress – only to realise that it was an apron! What the what?! So then I got to thinking..when did aprons become..fashion? What happened to the good ole glossy laminated aprons of yesteryear with recipes or bawdy cartoon drawings on them? Today’s apron looks like an outfit if paired with the right shoes and accessories.

The above creation is definitely an apron for that fancy dinner party – it’s called ‘The Lady’s Apron’ and is available at Anthropologie for $32.

Below is a great casual dark washed denim apron, which I think would be great for a bloke or the more rustic relaxed dinner party..maybe in the garden in summer?! It’s on sale at one of my favourite e-tailers, Toast. If you can get your hands on it the asking price is currently 37GBP but who know it might go lower. Check it here.

Toast - denim apron

images courtesy of anthropologie and toast

As seen on Etsy…

Yes I am English. Yes I love tea, (I drink on average 5 cups a day), but I also love Coffee – which I drink an exorbitant amount of! This weeks Etsy finds are all tea and coffee beverage related.. I hope you find something you love and that becomes part of your home.

Big dots and Bunting Teapot

Big dots and bunting teapot
This teapot and tea set reminded me of times past when I would dream of going to see the circus. Sadly I never ever went to the circus, but through reading way to many Enid Blyton books I certainly feel like I’ve experienced it. With this tea set one can get that circusy, (is that a word?!), feeling over and over again. It has a bit of a Paul Smith vibe to it to boot..But what I really love about this set is that Nina redecorates vintage items to give it the fun feel it has!! How’s that for all you Green Loving people out there? So this vintage 1950s/1960s design teapot, has been redecorated with a screenprinted bunting image in 4 colors! If I had space or need for it, I’d buy it!

It’s $67 for the teapot at Ninainvorm’s etsy store.

Metlox PoppyTrail cups and saucers

Vintage Metlox Poppytrail, Wild Poppy pair of cup and saucer
Is there anything that brightens a grotty day better than wildflowers? Well, yes…but they certainly do help make things seem better. These 1970’s mod cups and saucers are so vibrant and graphic you can’t help but smile. The price is right too – $18!! A steal. Even if they don’t match your current set of cups, saucers or tableware – these would be great for an informal tea or coffee for two on a summery day..Available at menzo collection.

Georges Briard Enameled Coffee Percolator

Georges Briard Enameled Coffee Percolator
This is just adorable. I’ve never seen a percolator quite like this before. Yes it’s vintage – but the condition seems exceptional. Find a Treasure is selling it for a mere $39.

Vintage Ben Seibel Sugar Bowl and Creamer

Vintage Ben Seibel Sugar Bowl and Creamer
Designed by Ben Seibel for Mikasa Potters, this creamer and bowl has a strong MCM vibe. It can work as usable objects or just as a decorative piece. You choose 🙂 The Sunday Times Market is selling these gems for a mere $34.

images courtesy of the respective etsy stores mentioned

What I made this weekend…

So I had a sleepover this weekend, (yes I am aware that I am an adult), but it was a simple solution to a time scheduling problem. The friends whom I wish to hang out with more have as spastic an itinerary as I do. So we never meet up. But what is one thing we always MUST do? Sleep! It was a genius (or so *I* believe), idea that worked well and gave me an excuse to cook for my friends. I rushed to Traders on Friday to pick up some ingredients..and the treat I ended up making was…..

Super Special Greek Yogurt Parfait

My Super Special Greek Yogurt Parfait…..sort of..

I say ‘sort of’ because things took an experimental twist. So brekkie on Sunday morn ended up being:

Pancake Parfait

Pancake Parfait!!

Chocolate chip multigrain pancakes, berries, bananas, greek yogurt and instead of honey, Organic Maple syrup. Mmmm…and it tasted even better than it sounds. Technically a parfait on pancakes..