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Snob Food


A ‘dramatic and daring reinvention of the Urban Cafe’ is how they describe this delightful eatery that is gently peppered through London. If you aren’t already I highly reccomend you sign up for the Napket Journal. A monthly webzine that is shot like a fashion magazine with keen attention to high quality detail. I am sooo suckered by how great Napket looks, I simply cannot wait to go to London and give it a taste..


Things that make you go yum yum…

Vegan Coffee Cake

I am a vegetarian not a vegan – and for some reason both those terms seem to elicit a long exhaled ‘ohhhhh’ from friends, fam and the whatnot when they are uttered. It’s as if one has told said person that they have contracted a very rare, untreatable disease that will only be humiliating in the lead up to ones early death. But I digress.

The other day I had the pleasure to stumble upon the Vegan Blog of the lovely Lolo, Vegan Yum Yum. And yum indeed. Forget all the jokes about Vegan’s eating ‘cardboard’ or ‘bland’ looking or tasting foods, Lolo has whipped up and wonderfully photographed a smorgasbord of tasty treats. From savory treats to sweet delights – they all look and sound like an excitement to the taste-buds. Even if you are an ardent meat eater it would behoove you take a stab at one or two of Lolo’s inventions.

Decorate your Fridge?!

Fridge decals

I have never thought of using decals / stick on graphics on ones refrigerator, but the guys and dolls at Supermarket HQ have shown me the light. I think this Dandelion based graphic is just brill. It adds a wonderful air of whimsy to what could be a plain kitchen.

Charteruse, Forest, Hunter..

Reuseable Veggie bags
..yes they are all ‘green’. Think what you will of this fad /new direction that many are embracing to be good to this ole earth, it is producing some rather nifty designed items. Case in point these wonderful reuseable bags for your grocery store veggies from wonder thunder. While I love then and would much prefer them over the plastic store offerings, living in NY I wonder how long it would take supermarket security to jump me for alleged shop lifting when they see me stuffing me squash into a non-store bag!

Preserves n Pickles

Empty Jar

I have acumulated, (intentionally), a nice little collection of empty jars. You know I never noticed how wonderfully embossed some of the regular jars are that ones produce comes in. Pesto sauce, Salsa and more, the jars are strong, and interesting once the labels come off.

So I got to thinking, what would be a nice foodie gift for ones friends? I have my own picked peppers and onions which I use for my favourite omelettes, (recipe will appear in a future post on the craven maven blog 🙂 ), and wouldn’t it be nice to share with friends a nice homemade gift of preserves or pickled items? So now I am on the hunt for some preserve recipes – if you know of any leave a message at the end of this post!