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A big craven wishlist

Ok, so I am having a bad day today. A mix of unfaithful hair products – resulting in a frizz bob do, unhelpful customer service – telling me that because I own a mac i’m STUFFED and that was before lunch! So to cheer me up, and to keep you, (my non existent readers?!), entertained i’m coming ‘atcha’ with a big craven wishlist…ooooh.

Ants on my cup and saucer
Ants on my Cup and Saucer by Bailey doesn’t Bark on Etsy

So wonderfully macabre of course I love it!!

Pop Art Series Malibu's
Pop Art Series Malibu at the Colette food shop.

I love when artists collab to take an everyday item and make it something special. La MJC came up with this idea of re-designing Malibu bottles in “pop” interpretations by legendary Europe artists So-Me, James Jarvis and Delta.
Only 100 numbered bottles of each are available, a colette exclusive. At $24 USD per bottle, I say its art and booze well worth it.

Heart shaped mixing bowls
Heart Mixing Bowls at Urban Outfitters.

Kitsch – check
Colourful – check
Impractical – (quite possible) check
want it – check!

I don’t know what it is about this unserious (is that a word?!), incredibly fun mixing bowls, but I’ve loved them from the first time I saw them (cue cheesy music here).

Ruffled edge cake stand
Ruffled edged cake stand by Layla Grace

I don’t know if I am an inherent Francophile but we just coincedently share a similar aesthetic, thus I adore these cake stands. So girly, so refined and a way of officially telling you that whatever is on them should be savoured. I have a dear French friend whose tiny East Village kitchen is filled with treasures such as this and it just encourages me to eat slowly, savour and enjoy the visual presentation as well as the flavour of the food.

Feast Book
Feast by Lines and Shapes

I think one of the things I love most about food, (one?!) is the social aspects of it. How it brings people together to revel in a communally satisfying gastro experience coupled with the free speech and mental stimulation. Many of my favourite life experiences have started around the dinner table and gone on into the wee hours of the morn.
Lena and Maria of Lines and Shapes have chosen some photographs, drawings and recipes which celebrates being together and sharing food, drink and sweets. Yummy!

Vintage Chalkboard
Vintage Chalkboard in Blue Bell Bazaar on Etsy

I’m on the cusp of redoing my horrid kitchen and this chalkboard would contribute to what I am hoping would be the European bistro kitchen vibe I am trying to create.

Vintage Marmalade pots
Vintage Pillivuyt Marmelade Pots at P.O.S.H Chicago

Simply perfect for my individual chocolate moouse treats or trifle surprises!

Garden dinner party
Relaxed Garden Party by Domino Mag (RIP)

I wish I wish I wish I had a garden. Wherein I could design and plan sweet little garden parties such as these. Dinner with friends, drinks by candlelight, strumming the guitar and group singing along. Hor’s Douvres and finger goods, bucks fizz and experimental booze..ahhh. Until I have said garden. I shall dream…

Cheese Sponge
Cheese Sponge by Atypyk

Yes it’s cheesy (pun intended), but it makes washing dishes fun no?

’til next time!


One Response

  1. Great finds! Those heart bowls are the sweetest, and…don’t you have that chalkboard or something like it in your kitchen? I must investigate next time. I’m always finding baubles and treasures around your house that are just too cute for words, lol. Ants on the cup-pretty horrifying, lol.

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