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Not your average Joe

Coffee Cup

My name is Craven Maven and I’m addicted to Coffee.

They say admittance is the first step to recovery, (note – who are ‘they’??), and if that is the case consider me on a perpetual road to healing. Coffee soothes the soul, makes right the days wrongs and when made right is something I wouldn’t exchange for many; many things. But who makes it good? Who makes it reeeaalll good?

Here in NYC Coffee is as much a part of the fabric of life as rats, looking good and giving ‘that’ blankstare when you’re nose to armpit to the person riding standing next to you on the rush hour train. But where can you get GOOD Coffee? Sure there is a Starbucks on every corner but if I had a penny for every person who told me that the ‘bucks gave them a ‘tummy ache” I would have a niiice shiny collection of Lincoln coins. Dunkin Donuts does have a distinct ‘nutty’ texture to their Coffee that is nice, but it also has a slightly rancid and bitter aftertaste. Pret a Manger, isn’t bad but is a little weak with a thin texture.

Enter the corner bodega. That’s right my friends, the one at the end of the street stocking everything from manky old tampax to spanish name brand potato chips. I have experienced it myself as well as heard it from other Coffee-voires: Why do local bodega’s make such good Coffee? I know many of the Spanish ones serve Cafe Bustelo (espresso) in a regular Coffee cup! Giving a high octane hit to hard core drinkers such as yours truly. The depth and richness of such a coffee in the size of a…quarduple espresso is just what is needed to hit the spot. I’ve heard Middle Eastern run deli’s serve Coffee brands from their home countries also – Places where people know Coffee and treat it like the brown gold it is instead of the ‘warm coca cola’ that is reminiscent of many an American establishment.

So next time you are in NY and you need a gooood cup of Joe, but not your average Joe. Do not under any circumstances overlook the grotty looking bodega on the corner, its ‘brown gold’ runs from about 60 cents a cup and will soothe all that ails ya. 😉

Check out Evelyn’s Grocery in Canarsie, Brooklyn for a good cup o’ Joe for only 60 cents!!


One Response

  1. LOL! You got that right, nothing like the corner store for coffee and plantain chips, haha. Great post!

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