Cupcake Bakeshop

Lime tart cupcake Wasabi White Chocolate Cupcakes with Plum Sake Filling

One thing that really tickled me when I started working in NY was how much office workers LOVED cupcakes. To be honest, I found the fascination a little ….weird. Mostly because I always associated cupcakes with being a young child learning to bake for the first time. Buying those rainbow coloured cupcake sleeves, icing powder, and ‘hundreds of thousands’ , (thats ‘sprinkles’ to my American friends..), for the topping. Making cupcakes was ones first entry into culinary independance. And boy did I LOVE it.

But grown ups? Eating Cupcakes?? Insanity! However, once I tasted the likes of Magnolia Bakery I understood completely.

Which is why a site like Cupcake Bakeshop should come as no surprise. Not only do these flavours sound to die for – Lime Tart, chocolate ganache and frosted with chocolate glaze and buttercream and Wasabi White Chocolate Cupcakes with Plum Sake Filling to name a few, but they look to DIE for. Seriously. I took a look at one and prepared for the end.

Check out the recipies and pictures if you are in the mood for some gastroporn.


One Response

  1. They look paradisal!!!!!!! I wish I had a desire to bake, lol. Now you have to take me to a cupcake store! 😀

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