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Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Utensils that RAWK!

Now if you are like me, you probably HATE plastic utensils. If I am going to eat, it had better be on some sort of china or pottery and with a metal utensil! Then I saw these..the Pandora Design Deluxe Cutlery Set at Rose and Radish. These things are so kewl – taking the classic baroque-esque cutlery and making it something modern.

The concept reminds me of the Phillipe Starck Louis XV style chair. Hyper-modernising the classics!

If any of you want to buy me a gift..the blue cutlery is on my wish list 🙂


a little craven wishlist

craven wishes ah…there are so many weird and wonderful things out there that one just can’t have them all! BEHOLD the craven wishlist! A few of the things i would like to have if for no other reason than because they inspire me.

Piyo Measuring cup
Piyo 3 Piece Meauring Cup Set at Three Potato Four.

These Japanese kitchen aids are so stinkin cute it would make cake makin’ that much sweeter. It will also be a nice step in the direction of making my kitchen sweet as well as tasty.

Fauchon Macaron's

Fauchon Macaron’s

Unfortunately they are not available for purchase on the Fauchon Site but a pop into a Fauchon store is well worth the effort. A single Macaron, (pistachio was my favourite), would make any gruelling work day that much sweeter. The outer crust gently melts away on ones tongue reminding you what the love of all things gastro really is about…

Soy Restaurant NYC

Soy – Japanese Home cooking
A friend recently reccomended this place to me. Located on Suffolk between Delancy and Rivington in NYC. I am a BIG fan of home cooking and I am told this doesn’t disappoint. I haven’t had genuine Japanese home cooked fare since I was a wee gal in London hanging with my Japanese friends. An outing to Soy is on the books..

Paul Gayler - Pure Vegetarian Cookbook

Paul Gayler – Pure Vegetarian: Modern and Stylish Vegetarian Cooking

Available at Barnes and Noble. As a veggie it is always a treat when your dishes are treated to the same fine culinary fare as our carnivorous cousins are. Exec Chef Gayler offers a passion for international flavors creating wonderful combinations that will broaden your repertoire, whether you’re a vegetarian or not, and delight your tastebuds.

Peach Schnapps Monday

Schnapps Glass

When I was a young tyke in college we used to hit up the local pub and down Peach Schnapps chasers after our lagers..ahh to be 18 again. But if we had been doing it in these glasses rather than grotty pub glasses it would have been an entirely DIFFERENT affair!
After visiting my French friend Sarah’s house to see her wonderful collection of glasses for every beverage and occasion, I am developing a serious glass fetish. These would round out any collection nicely…
Buy these at Huset-shop.com.

Yum Review – Sweet Melissa Patisserie Brooklyn NY

Sweet Melissa's Patisserie

I love a good ole Patisserie. Not least because I love pastries, tea, coffee and intimate chit chat. I can honestly say that some of my best ‘life’ conversations have been shared over a decadent pastry and a steamy cup of…something.
An old stable in my (small) book of places at which to indulge is Sweet Melissa’s in Cobble Hill Brooklyn. Located on 276 Court Street, the minute you step in you are transported off the main drag of people, crazed cars and dogs into an intimate home-like place with the smell of gastro-magic in the air. I am so pleased they expanded last year to make room for several more tables and thus more time to relax.

First off the staff are always very warm as well as the patrons – you are never rushed to leave and it is not strange to include the staff and other customers in ones conversations!

But the true delight are the sweet treats. Today I tried the ‘Sweet Almond Bread Pudding’ with a side of tangy raspberry compote. The perfect mix of crunchy crust topping, almonds kissed with powdered icing sugar and the shock of tangy compote. It was a treat to the palate. My mate ordered ‘Apple Pie’ and not since I was in the UK have I had the pleasure of seeing apple pie with a crumble topping! Done to perfection it was well worth the price.

My only regret is that they no longer had the Chocolate Praline Eclair [!!!] available…but that just means that a return trip must take place soon!

See menu’s at the Sweet Melissa’s website.

Street Lamp Napkins

Street Lamp Napkins

This item is on my tabletop wishlist – I love the old skool NYC street feel of these napkins and..they are 100% COTTON! So they just keep on and on.
Lovegrove & Repucci have many other street inspired tabletop creations that will make any dinnerparty feel just that little bit more hardcore. Keep on keepin on LG&R!

Enough to make you drool on your keyboard..

It is because of pictures like these why I have a cover on my keyboard …

Kueh Tart

Kuidaore is a fantastic foodie blog by the lovely Joycelyn. I had never heard of Kueh Tart until I saw her blog today, but I most definitely would like to get acquainted as I simply love pineapples. In her own words:

Kueh tart, or pineapple tarts, that very Singaporean treat that’s ubiquitous come Lunar New Year.

So keep an eye out for them people – I know I am about to look up the nearest Singaporean bakery!

Read more at the Kuidare blog.

New items on ThreePotatoFour

Turkish Pots on Three Potato Four

I love Three Potato Four, an online vintage houseware store run by couple, Janet Morales & Stu Eli. Not only are their finds in superb condition but they are supremely creative and will beautiful any kitchen, dining room etc worth its salt.

In their update today, are these fantasmic Turkish pots for sale. They are sold as a set and as most things on 3P4, there is only one set available, so hurry if you want them!